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Why wireless dog fence

Wireless Dog Fence Team provide different wireless dog fences that have different features to suit different situations. wireless dog fence not only make it possible for the dog to jump and play. wireless dog fence is also inexpensive since no tools or wires are involved It is easy to adjust and change boundaries. Another advantage of wireless dog fence is because you can travel with it and use it to restrict your dog.


How it works

wireless dog fence works by turning a knob on the transmitter to create a wireless circular boundary for your pet. When the boundary is set, the transmitter sends radio signals to the receiver collar your pet wears. The dog should be trained to listen for a warning tone or vibration as he nears the restricted boundaries. If your pet continues, he will receive a safe static correction from the collar to remind him to stay in the area he is not restricted. You do not have to worry about training your dog to listen and respond to warning tones since Wireless Dog Fence Team dog training specialist can help you in that. Call us on 888-461-2444 and we will help you out.


Wireless dog fences supply

Wireless Dog Fence Team provides different types of wireless dog fences to suite the different dog fence installation layouts and also to match the different size and dog temperaments. We supply our fences to different pet stores and also sell them to dog owners in the region. You can place an order for our wireless dog fence on our website or call us on 888-461-2444 to place an order through our customer service.

You can contact us on 888-461-2444.

Installing the wireless dog fence and training your dog to understand how the system works is not as difficult as most people think. If you choose our products, you will find a manual that can easily help you know how to use the fence. Wireless Dog Fence Team can also offer training session and programs to your dog to help him learn and adjust to the system.


All Wireless Dog Fence Team wireless fences are not only built with durable material but our products have also been tested and approved by animal and veterinary behavior and training experts. This is to ensure that the products do not cause any harm to the dog but reminds the dog to avoid going further from the boundaries. The fences are designed and made by of qualified experts who have vast experience and skills to ensure that the fences are safe and ideal to be used.

Where to buy our wireless dog fences

If you are looking for our products, you can get some of our wireless dog fences in most pet stores in the area. We distribute our wireless dog fences in most pet stores thus you can get the products in your local pet store. You can also call us on 888-461-2444 and place an order of the wireless dog fences that you need. For customers making bulk orders, Wireless Dog Fence Team can deliver the products to your desired destination at a small fee.

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